Recent Review on Adobe CQ-5

The Latest presentation on Adobe CQ5, which came to Adobe via their recent acquisition of Day Software.  Gives CQ5 has outstanding features that compete with the best Enterprise Web Content Management and Portal systems.  At the heart of CQ5 is Apache Sling and a Java Content Repository (JCR).  

Adobe CQ-5 Review

Main features of CQ5 include the following:
  • Web Content Management, including in-place editing of content, workflow, localization, personalization. etc.
  • Marketing Campaign Management that can segment visitors for push marketing
  • Mobile web experiences and you can preview your site in many different mobile simulators
  • Targeting which integrates Adobe’s online marketing suite powered by Omniture
  • Social Collaboration such as profiles, wikis, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Digitial Asset Management with easy access from the content editing screens
  • Portal integration can easily surface content on a portal or include JSR portlets on a content page
  • Forms Builder to create forms for the site
It looks like CQ5 can be a standalone web content management system that will manage multiple websites and it can be integrated with other systems to deliver content.  The combination of Sling and JCR make access to content pretty easy, so you can build content into you custom applications too.
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