Why Adobe CQ5 is a Great WCM Solution ?

CQ5 empowers business users to create, analyze and optimize site content, campaigns, and targeted user experiences. Content authors with no programming experience will find CQ5’s in-place page editing intuitive and easy to master. An easily accessible content library with drag-and-drop functionality ensures that media assets are uploaded once and referenced across the site from one location instead of being duplicated and uploaded hundreds of times by many different users. Every aspect of a webpage, from title tags and meta information to paragraphs of content, can be adjusted by content authors or restricted to only advanced administrators.

Adobe CQ-5 | WCM Solution

Developers will be excited to use the more advanced capabilities of Adobe CQ5, like managing multi-lingual content and global brand messaging across local market web presences, creating and testing changes in real-time to customer segmentation and content targeting rules, and real-time A/B and multi-variant tests. CQ5 leverages Adobe CMIS and JSR-283-compliant CRX platform and provides IT a 24×7 operating environment. This means hot application updates, hot backups and hot join clustering with on-demand scalability through support for hybrid on-premises and Cloud-hosted deployments are all provided.

Adobe CQ5 Drawbacks

Adobe CQ5 will not magically become an effective solution out-of-the-box. Leveraging CQ5 to make use of all its advanced features requires advanced planning and strategy with an advanced team of developers for building, testing and deployment. Corporations unprepared to invest the necessary resources towards an Adobe CQ5 project will find it extremely difficult to deploy and maintain. The licensing costs for CQ5 are substantial, but costs in time and resources will become a far greater concern if a smart plan of implementation is never created and followed.
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